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Entering New Positions as a New Member of ETF Tipping Point?


You have a few different choices when you're getting into the system "fresh", and it already has active trades on, that were entered into before you became a member.  (Very common, obviously.)

1) You can enter all the positions. Of course, some of the positions may be weeks (or months) old, and your results aren't going to be as good as if you entered fresh positions. However, some people like to do this, just to get the ball rolling, get their money out of cash and invested.

2) You can cherry pick a few of the more recently opened positions. The newer the trade signal is, the better chance that it will be a profitable trade for you.  For this route, any trade newer than 30 days should be considered.

3) Wait as each sector becomes available. Depending on the market, this may take a while.  Our market has been pretty volatile, with erratic prices, but then again, not a lot of up or down, trending movement, so this may take a while.


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