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I was getting the weekly ETF Tipping Point Trade Update Emails but they stopped...


We have recently changed to using a GoogleGroup for notification purposes (emails) We moved our list from our previous servide provider.  While moving we verified the list to weed out any names/emails that were not on our list of current members.  Contact us if you feel there may have been a mistake.

We send the emails out to everyone on the email list every Friday, and occassionally over the weekend for execution on Monday...


If you are not receiving the emails, there are four things you can do.

1) Check your spam folder for the emails AND THEN WHITELIST US!

2) Be sure to add to your email address book, contact list, or safe sender list.

3) If you are using Outlook (or similar)  check your emails, be sure to  go directly to your email program and ensure that the emails we are sending you are not in spam and are in your email address book etc.

'4) Contact your email providers customer support and request their help in getting your emails from

The last resort would be to use a different email address to receive the updates.  If you don't have a second one, we can recommend gmail for it's timely reliable delivery, and it is free.

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