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Not receiving the weekly trade update emails from ETF Tipping Point?


The ETFTP updates will be sent out via a private Google Group we have set up solely for sending you updates.

  • To get signed up simply send us an email ( or a ticket ( and let us know what email address you would like to have the updates sent to. It is as simple as that.
  • Our Google Group is Be sure to add that email address to your email address book, contact list or safe sender list.
  • No need to go to the Google group site, the email notifications and this Membership site will have everything you need.
  • Please continue to use and for answers to questions and concerns.
  • Remember that while the ETF Tipping Point "Current Trade Chart" at: are updated on Fridays/Mondays for changes in trade setup (closing out positions and initiating new ones), the chart is updated daily to show current profit and losses on active positions.
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